Coranavirus: Understanding the Outbreak and how it works

There are still more debts every day around the globe from covid-19 but in Australia and AIDS person has died who was the passenger aboard the Ruby Princess cruise ship. The cabinet in Australia is considering a lockdown that will require at least 1 million people to need unemployment benefits which could be a massive burden on the system.

Covid is a worldwide problem

Australia is not alone in these struggles, countries like Italy and Spain are also experiencing fatalities but at a higher rates than other places. there has also been a second student who has tested positive for the Chinese virus at the University of Technology Sydney. A statement from the University suggested there is not any evidence that the two cases were linked but all of the classrooms they attended have been thoroughly deep cleaned.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia

Cruise ships

Rumors of legal action against the Ruby Princess cruise ship have surfaced online with already 133 passengers testing positive for the virus with one of those being a fatality. Lawyers for the passengers have said they are investigating several different approaches to address compensation for the passengers who contracted the illness due to the cruise lines negligence. Residence from Australia are also currently trapped in Peru and Argentina after the country’s locked down. There are flights plans to rescue the Australians schedules for Friday but final approval is still required from the respective governments. Both countries have hundreds of Australians stuck in them and some are in remote parts of the countries with no hope of reaching an airport.

New South Wales in crisis

The reconciliation New South Wales Twitter shared advice for Australians about funerals and their businesses that suggested the people find alternative options of attending funerals such as submitting video clips to play on screens. Government forcing its citizens into locked down and preventing them from earning a living while not providing any supplementary relief is a disgrace to the world’s developed Nations. Even one of the richest countries in the world is tied up with one party holding the citizens hostage in negotiations for a relief bill. If you are one of the families or business owners or workers affected by the shutdown in any country you would expect this is why a government exists and why you pay them so much money in taxes. When a crisis occurs it should be without question that the government will provide whatever is needed.

Economic impact

That doesn’t even take into account people who actually contract the virus who are obviously going to be unable to work for sanitary reasons but also for health reasons. Many people who get the virus are unable to even breathe on their own. To expect people to still continue to pay bills when they are living paycheck-to-paycheck as it is it’s just not realistic. For being such large nations with humongous budgets for military and War spending there should be no problem getting a small amount to help people during this crisis each month. It’s politicians are playing games and using it as an opportunity to leverage their agenda.

The Australian government has also suggested that people do not leave their homes for anything but the essentials while simultaneously ensuring that Food Supplies, medicine, and other vital Goods will continue to reach their destination.

Stores raided

Judging by the way that stores are completely empty and I’ll such as the toilet paper aisle and canned goods it doesn’t seem like the supply chain is operating like normal, or could the lack of stocked shelves be more do too panicked spending and how much of that is the result of media Hysteria? One place where the lines have been severely clogged is the CentreLink website which has seen in unprecedented surge in volume. Rachel Siewert said that the government will ensure that payments are not suspended even if people fail to report online or complete Mutual obligations considering the website is under such heavy load.Anyone who has been on a cruise ship in the last 2 weeks, or 14 days, are mandated to get a Coronavirus test. Even if your ship was not traversing international waters you are still required to be tested.

The testing process is not without it’s own uncertainty with new types and development to be more cost-effective and easy to produce. There have also been issues with accuracy and some false positives being reported.

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  1. The coronavirus is affecting everyone in the world. Everyone should be practicing social distancing and stay at home. The sooner we shut down and shelter in, the quicker we can flatten the curve and return back to normal.

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