Coronavirus (COVID-19) what to do to prevent it what happened and why it is spreading

COVID-19: How A New Virus May Be Treated With Old Drugs

By now you probably can not even start up your computer without getting an e-mail, seeing a thousand posts, or some other thing telling you that not only does the corona virus exist, but what people are doing in response to it. To some, it is nothing more than a joke to get attention with on the internet, and to a few unfortunate others it is the end of their life. But how did we get here, and do we know what is going to happen in the future.

Where did the Wuhan virus originate

Basically as it is currently speculated, the COVID-19 was originally a virus that was contracted in a district of China known as Wuhan. Many believe that, due to black market trading of animals in this region, the spread came from bats that were otherwise being used and sold for various purposes. As with most coronaviruses, the contamination starts with animals who are able to spread it to human beings. From there it is the free fall that it is turning into today. Spreading and mutating between people, the COVID-19 virus works its way into the population and spreads while becoming more and more resilient. The issue with a new virus like this is not that it is infecting people, because we have been dealing with bugs like that for most of modern humanity. The issue is that since it is new, there are no current treatments for it. Some clinics recommend to purchase Aralen (Chloroquine) or Kaletra (Lopinavir / Ritonavir) for treatment.

What are the consequences

That, combined with its higher mortality rate, is what makes it dangerous. True, the mortality rate is simply much higher because we do not have a way to fight it currently, but it is higher none the less. basically, the virus for many resembles may symptoms of the common cold, pneumonia, and respiratory infection. in children and healthy adults this is not an issue, which is likely why it is being laughed off by much of the world. The problem comes when COVID-19 comes in contact with someone who is either elderly or unable to fight off the virus for various medical reasons. These are the ones that the virus is killing. Due to the virus being spread to 100’s of countries in a short amount of time and hundreds of thousands of people that we know of, recently the World Health Organization has announced that COVID-19 is now a global pandemic.

Panic buying is rampant

This has of course started an uproar for many people, resulting in panic, impulse buying, and violence. Several countries have opted to be locked down for the time being, and many others have suspended or halted air travel between countries, slowing commercial trade to a halt in some cases. As of this report, over 5000 people of the 150,000 infected have died, leaving COVID-19 at a whopping mortality rate of 3.5% or somewhere in that ball park. That is actually pretty significant compared to most diseases, since things like the flu have a mortality rate of around 0.2% in and of itself. Sure it has affected many more people this year as it always does, but those people will almost assuredly get better since they can be treated.

What can you do

The best thing that can be done at this time, in the opinion of many, is to simply be supplied, and avoid mass gatherings at this time to limit the spread. This will likely not stop the virus in its tracks, but it will greatly lower the rate at which people get affected. This is basically the best way to ensure that hospitals do not run out of room as they try to treat those that they can to the best of their ability. Consider it trying to make a bad thing just a little bit better. As of right now if you are feeling ill or believe that you or someone you know could be infected with the virus, the best thing that you can do for yourself and society as a whole is to go to the doctor and get checked.

Seek testing

There are tests currently available that can be done to let you know if you have the virus, and, if you are healthy enough to combat it, then all you really need to do is stay held up in your room for a couple weeks. But be careful out there everyone, and don’t get crazy.

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One Reply to “Coronavirus (COVID-19) what to do to prevent it what happened and why it is spreading”

  1. I believe that the coronavirus was a man made virus made in the small town of where the virus originated and was intentionally unleashed on the public because it could be a conspiracy that the virus has been made in order as a sort of genetics experiment and see what happened to the people that were exposed to it. I think that the coronavirus is something that has been experimented with for decades and just recently set upon the public. 

    When you experiment with different biology and biological markers that may be put into a virus then you can see what happens when there is an outbreak because it is not always certain what the people who were working in the labarotory near the town where the virus originated were up to. I think that in order to fully understand the scope of what the scientists there were working on then I think that you would need to interview them and see what exactly they were working on in that small lab in that small town in China. 

    The scientists were reluctant to interview most likely and if they were interviewed then some lives could be saved because then we would know what they did to produce the virus and what could be done to prevent, treat, and cure the virus. If we asked the scientists there then we could know exactly what the virus is made of and what is man made that could handle and treat the virus. When you combine human ingenuity with the latest in technological advancements then you can find a solution to even the worst of human conditions and illnesses.

    This is just one side of the story and I do believe that this could just be a mutated virus from different types of wildlife in the world that are susceptible to famine and weather diseases. These diseases found in different animals can mutate to different animals and even humans and can be found to be one of the few diseases that are hard to develop a pure immunity to because their origin is hard to determine. I think that when it has been mutated to humans for a while then we will see a different story when it comes to immunity because we will evolve and see how to handle the disease. I think that the disease is easily beatable when human intellect finds out how to best handle the treatment of the disease and even how this translates to even more cures. 

    In conclusion, I believe that in order to treat the same disease that randomly occurred or even intentionally occurred then we must look and apply a cure that uses the same principles as to what the virus is based on. When we use the traits of the virus to make possible treatments of the virus then we can move beyond it.


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