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About Erectile dysfunction

Impotence is a very common word. That is probably because it is closely related to what is known as Erectile dysfunction or ED for short. In fact the two of them are one and the same. ED is the condition where a guy fails to have an erection during sexual intercourse. More precisely, a man with this rather unfavorable condition can neither develop nor maintain an erection of his penis. Surely it’s a sad condition but it is common. Statistics indicates that, today, about forty percent of men suffer from Erectile dysfunction. That would make all these victims unfit for sex! It would be idiotic to discuss what ED has deprived them of, for that is obvious. But it would be very wise talk about a medical solution, Levitra!

Levitra tablets

Levitra is a drug made to help victims of Erectile dysfunction. It is a medication that comes in small tablets of 10 – 20mg. More widely known by its generic name Vardenafil, Levitra is a good news for ED affected men. By taking Levitra tablets, those men can have penal erections just like the normal guys. The drug functions much like natural hormones. It works by relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow into the penis during sexual intercourse. The medication makes a man suffering from ED capable of both achieving and maintaining an erection, but that is just one good thing about Generic levitra.


Interestingly, there is another big plus for Levitra. It not only brings about a healthy erection but it also helps to treat premature ejaculation! In fact, this drug has proved to be significantly effective in increasing the time from vaginal penetration to ejaculation. This is the main reason that makes Vardenafil different from similar other drugs. Chemically, Levitra, like other Vardenafils, is an inhibitor. By its medical name, it is called phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This drug is gaining popularity but there are a few precautions worth considering.

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It is not advisable to rush into taking Levitra for all men. This is because of some possible adverse outcomes related to other drugs. The first most important point is about nitrate drugs which are commonly taken for chest pain or heart problems. Levitra has got known issues these type of medications. Therefore, Levitra should never be taken together with any of these nitrate drugs. Secondly, a man having recent condition of a heart attack or a stroke should never start taking Levitra before consulting a physician. That might cause a sudden fall in blood pressure leading to a possible heart attack.

Side effects

There are some side-effects of Levitra to be aware of. One is feeling warmth and feeling red in the head. Sniffing is another one. It is also possible for a patient to have stuffy nose.

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