Generic Propecia

Generic Propecia, which contains the active drug called Finasteride, is a medication that influences the male sexual hormones, and it is used mainly as treatment for male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

About DHT

Both conditions can occur as a direct result of the excessive androgenic activity caused by some testosterone derivatives, such as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When compared to testosterone, DHT appears to be more active and cause more unwanted side effects in terms of its influences on the prostate physiology and hair follicles in men. Medical researchers have been trying to identify a medical solution in the form of a drug that would have the capacity to reduce the excessive testosterone-driven androgenic activity in men afflicted with these common medical disorders. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is basically the enlargement of the prostate through inflammation and growth of more tissue without the presence of a malignant tumor. It may block the normal urination process, and can cause symptoms such as a significantly diminished urine flow, trouble initiating the urination and difficulty with urination in general. Men who suffer from prostate enlargement frequently have a severely impaired quality of life, especially since most of them feel the urge to urinate at night. DHT is responsible for the prostatic enlargement because it stimulates the prostate more intensely than regular testosterone.

 Generic Propecia

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How propecia works?

Propecia can reduce this excessive androgenic activity caused by DHT and can bring relief to men who suffer from prostate enlargement for many years. How does Propecia (Finasteride) work to reduce the symptoms and improve the health of men suffering from these conditions? Finasteride works by blocking a specialized enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which has the role to transform regular testosterone into DHT. By inhibiting the effects of this enzyme, Propecia is able to counteract some of the negative effects of DHT on the prostate and scalp hair follicles. In the case of male pattern baldness, also known as alopecia, excessive DHT stimulation makes the hair follicles weaker and fragile, which results in a specific pattern of hair loss occurring in men. The process can be reversed through regular therapy with Finasteride. It is very important to consult with your physician prior to taking Finasteride because this medication influences male sexual hormones, and the treatment should be carefully monitored.

Official approve

Propecia is officially approved in Australia for alopecia and prostate enlargement after passing several clinical trials.

Adverse effects

Side effects usually derive from the lowered androgenic activity, and may include impotence, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems and gynecomastia, or breast enlargement in men. If you encounter some of these adverse effects, your doctor may adjust the dosage for a safe and beneficial therapy without any bothersome side effects.

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