Lasix (Furosemide) medication information

Lasix is a drug that is included in the category of diuretics, which means that it helps remove excessive water accumulation in the body. It contains the drug Furosemide, and it works on the kidney level to stimulate the diuresis forcefully, which means that the water will be removed at a faster pace and there will be an increased urine production.

What are the medical conditions that can be effectively relieved through Lasix administration?

Excessive water accumulation is frequently encountered in edema, also known as swelling, which can be either generalized or localized. Generalized swelling usually occurs when there is a blood circulation deficiency in the body, meaning that the blood does not circulate fast enough to help remove excessive fluids that are collected in diverse body regions. Edema or swelling can be encountered in congestive heart failure, which involves the inability of the heart to function as a pump in an effective manner. Edema, either generalized or localized, can occur when there is renal failure, which means that the kidneys are affected and they are not able to remove water, minerals and other constituents present in the blood fast enough. Lasix can help in this cases by stimulating the kidneys to remove excess fluid, which leads to a faster removal of water from the tissues and a relief of edema. Other diuretics can be employed for this purpose also, but Lasix is considered a leading drug in this area.

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 Other medical conditions

Another medical indication for Lasix is high blood pressure, which is also known as arterial hypertension. In this condition, the blood exerts an increased pressure on the walls of the arteries, which makes the small blood vessels in the brain vulnerable to tear, and can lead to negative health consequences such as a stroke. Lasix is able to lower the blood pressure in patients afflicted by arterial hypertension by reducing the amount of water that is present in the bloodstream, and therefore lessen the tension exerted on the walls of the arteries. Furosemide is frequently employed in clinical settings for patients in critical stages of body swelling or edema and in severe cases of high blood pressure, because it is able to act quickly in diminishing the accumulation of fluids in the body.

Important precautions

Make sure to consult with your physician prior to taking Lasix for any health problem that you may have, including congestive heart failure, kidney problems or high blood pressure, because Furosemide can cause side effects in certain cases. Report any unpleasant consequence to your doctor, and make sure you are adequately supervised during the course of the treatment.

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