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Kamagra soft tablets may not be the most common household name when it comes to refilling your drug cabinet. Kamagra soft is a drug that has been indicated for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is regarded as one of the best treatment for erectile dysfunction, second only to Viagra. Its ability to dissolve in the body fast, causing its effects to be felt within 10-15 minutes is what ranks it highly on the list of erectile dysfunction treatments. In addition, its effect can last in the body of the patient for approximately 4-6 hours after ingestion.

So how does the drug function?

Like any other erectile dysfunction treatment, it increases the flow of blood to the penis (Like it naturally happens when a man is sexually aroused) this continuous flow of blood in the penis enlarges the arteries consequently leading to an erection. It is worth noting that kamagra soft drugs will only be effective when the man is aroused. The process of increasing blood flow toward the penis involves certain chemical processes in the body, namely PDE-5 inhibitor. Erectile dysfunction is attributed by many factors, both physical causes and psychological, there is however, an enzyme that inhibits the flow of blood to the genital areas, the cGMP. By inhibiting this enzyme (cGMP) the flow of blood can be restored. The Kamagra soft drug contains Sildenafil Citrate which acts as a PDE5 inhibitor, blocking the PDE-5 creates a relaxation to the muscles hence, increasing blood flow to the penis.

Buy Viagra soft (Kamagra soft) online

Buy Kamagra soft online

Every drug must have a prescription to accompany it. Kamagra Soft is no different; if the best results are to be derived from the use of the drug, then the male patient should be well aware of its dosage, usage and storage. The usage of the drug should be permitted through prescription from a doctor. It is recommended that a single tablet should be used in one day. A single tablet of the drug could either be 50mg or 100mg. This translates to a recommended dose of 50mg per day with the maximum limit being 100mg. However, in the event that you decide to increase or decrease the dosage, it is recommended that you consult the advice of a doctor. This will reduce the chances of unwanted effects resulting from an overdose. The drug should be ingested with a glass of water approximately 1 hour prior to intercourse. To achieve maximum effectiveness of the drug, it should NOT be mixed with alcohol or food, especially foods with high levels of fat. This will ensure that the drug is quickly absorbed in the blood system and become effective sooner rather than later, intoxication will only reduce the time taken for the drug to be absorbed into the blood system. Like many other drugs, Kamagra soft should be stored away from the reach of children. Its storage should be cool and dry and at room temperature. The use of this drug could result to side effects such as; headaches, heartburn and prolonged erections. In situations when the side effects become persistent kindly consult your doctor.

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