Cialis: what men have been searching for since the dawn of time

Taking Cialis turned his life around. Read how here

Cialis is used to treat erectile dysfunction and also symptoms of an enlarged prostate.  It can also treat high blood pressure in the lungs (also known as pulmonary arterial hypertension).  Please keep in mind, Cialis does not protect agains sexually transmitted diseases.  The medication is taken by mouth, with or without food. Do not break or split the table, you should swallow it whole. Cialis can help achieve an erection when sexual stimulation occurs.  An erection will not occur just by taking a pill.

Where To Buy Cialis In Adelaide Sa

The dosage is based on your medical condition

Make sure you tell your doctor and/or pharmacist about all the products you use.  When treating erectile dysfunction, there are two ways Cialis may be prescribed.  It can be taken as needed, which is usually 30 minutes before sexual activity.  The effects may last up to 36 hours.  The second way to take it is once a day, every day.  When taken this way, you may attempt sexual activity at any time between doses.

 It is important to know, do not take Cialis if you are are currently taking a nitrate drug for chest pains or heart problems

Taking Cialis with a nitrate can cause a sudden and serious decrease in blood pressure.  You should contact your doctor or seek emergency medical attention if an erection lasts longer than 4 hours.  Get medical help at once if you have nausea, chest pain, or dizziness during sex.  Cialis should not be taking if you have ever had heart disease or heart rhythm problems, a heart attack or stroke, angina, high or low blood pressure, pulmonary hypertension, liver or kidney disease, vision loss, a bleeding disorder, a stomach ulcer, or health problems that make sexual activity unsafe.  Sudden vision loss has occurred in a small number of people taking Cialis.  Most of these people already had certain eye problems or had high cholesterol, diabetes, coronary artery disease, a history of smoking, or were over 50 years old.  Cialis should not be used by anyone younger than 18 years old.  If you experience an allergic reaction to Cialis, such as hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, seek emergency medical help immediately.

Common side effects

Cialis side effects may include headache, flushing, nausea, stuffy nose, and or muscle pain, back pain, and pain in your arms or legs.  In Australia, the Australia Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme subsidises the drug.  The cost to the government is between to per packet, depending on the brand.  The pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) is a program of the Australian Government that provides subsidised prescription drugs to residents of Australia.

Together with Medicare, the PBS is a key component of health care in Australia

PBS provides timely, reliable and affordable access to necessary medicines for Australians.  The PBS is part of the Australian Government’s broader Nation Medicines policy.  Under the PBS, the government subsidize the cost of medicine for most medical conditions.  Most of the drugs listed are dispensed by pharmacists and used by patients at home.  PBS is available to all Australian residents who hold a current Medicare card.  Since January 1, 2019, you pay up to .30 for most PBS medicines or .50 if you have a concession card.  The Australian government would pay the rest.  The amount of co-payment is adjusted on January 1st of each year.

The Australian government subsidised medicines that are necessary to maintain the health of the community in a way that is cost effective

They carefully assess the therapeutic benefits and costs of medicines, including comparisons with other treatments where appropriate.  A number of different things helps ensure that medicines listed on the PBS provide affordable medicines for patients and taxpayers.  This includes thorough evaluation of clinical and cost effectiveness, checking maximum quantities and number of repeat prescriptions, restricting medicines to specific therapeutic uses, regularly reviewing which medicines are listed on the PBS and their prices, negotiating pharmacists’ fees and allowance, monitoring medicine use, and educating prescribers and consumers.  An acceptable cost-effective medicine can be recommended for listing if it treats or prevents significant medical conditions that are not covered, it is more effective than a currently listed drug, or it is as effective and safe as an existing listed drug.  Cialis is one of the drugs on this list, and is subsidised by PBS.

Once upon a time there were erectile dysfunction drugs.

Viagra, Cialis & similar medicines have made possible sex intercourses for people with a vast display of ED, from psychological to physical impaired patients. Before marketing of sildenafil, in 1998, impotence was a very debilitating condition, with few treatment options, often very invasive, other times mostly ineffective. From then, more than twenty years ago, use of ED drugs have grown in every part of the world. Even the behavioral spectrum of ED user has evolved in time and today there’s a wider audience of Cialis and Viagra consumers in every part of the world, even here in Australia.

Australian law is very restrictive about use of ED drugs: pharmacies can sell Cialis and similar drugs only under a doctor’s prescription. 

Viagra was designed as a solution for people with erectile dysfunction syndrome but in time has become a recreational drug. Used often before going to parties or even by teens at their prime, Cialis and Viagra are now a bestseller pill in online pharmacies all over the world.

But why Cialis, Viagra and levitra are so popular?

Let’s start by understanding how they work. Cialis is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. It performs its function by increasing blood flow to the penis. When a man is sexually stimulated, the enhanced flow into the erectile tissue inside the penis, the “corpora cavernosa”, facilitates the occurring and the maintenance of erection.

Cialis must be used with caution in patients with heart diseases and other medical conditions such as pulmonary hypertension. It’s recommended a visit with the doctor before taking an ED drug to rule out any possible contraindication.

The increasing number of users in the age groups of 20s and 30s could be an indicator of increasing anxiety disorders among younger population. Anxiety, a psychological disorder characterized by feelings of excessive worry and nervousness, affects every year 14% of australians and women are more affected than men. Amongst anxiety disorders, depression and alcohol or drug abuse are the most pernicious problems. This is the big issue of increased ED drugs consumption in australian young population.

Stress, anxiety and a low self esteem can lead to consumption of ED drugs, as a “strategy” to manage difficulties during sex intercourses with own partners. There’s a diffuse performance anxiety amidst young en, partially due to increased web porn consumption and a distorted view of sex and natural relations between sex partners. Using Cialis is often seen as a “cheat” necessary to perform like a porn actor or to not disappoint the partner. Often youngsters that use Cialis or the first time really don’t need it. But pride that comes from sexual performance induce this young segment of population to use ED drugs as a way to improve their overall sexual effectiveness thus developing a psychological depence.

Is it safe?

Cialis is relatively safe in comparison to other drugs by a toxicological point of view and problems arises mainly in the psychological sphere. Uses of tadalafil (cialis active ingredient) and other ED drugs s a recreational drug can interfere with ordinary relationship as a consequence of stigma and fear of being discovered using these medicines. So people using it slowly develops a secretive and anxious behavior that hinders a normal sexual life. Fictional sex easily available in the internet leads to unrealistic expectations in sexual performance by females youngsters further accentuate the anxiety and eventually erectile dysfunction of their male partners.

This issue is a main topic in political management of ED drugs in Australia. New Zealand and UK have made Cialis available over the counter in their pharmacies while in our country a prescription is necessary to buy Cialis and Viagra tablets. Whereas this policy may facilitate the control of Ed drugs use by australian population it increases dramatically the number of men that searches non legit source of supply of this drugs. Web pharmacies and stores sells Cialis tablets and other similar medicines without necessity of prescription, easing access to impotence affected men to the treatment but also making available these medications for recreational abuse. It’s a fact that Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the most counterfeited medicines in the world, so buying them on the web is a risky transaction and everyone must be very careful in choosing a reliable source of these pharmaceutical products.

Cialis, a more long lasting ED drug than Viagra, can be a very useful tool to fight impotence

It’s important that customers make use of  it with a full knowledge of the facts. Too often youngsters with misconceptions will take it as a panacea for their psychological problems, leading them to further deterioration of their sexual life.

The main advice here is to always contact a medic before using them, to address effectively the reasons behind the urge of using them. Knowledge, awareness and self esteem are main components of a healthy sexual life.


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Viagra: How Does It Work and Will It Work for You?

Viagra - how its works

Sildenafil is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension, marketed as the brand name Viagra, among others.

Viagra - how its works

Viagra for women? Whether it is effective in treating women’s sexual dysfunction is unknown

It is taken into a vein by mouth or injection. It usually takes about 20 minutes to start and lasts about 2 hours. Headaches, heartburn, and flushed skin are common side effects. In those with cardiovascular disease, caution is advised. Common, but serious side effects include prolonged erection that can harm the penis, problems with vision, and loss of hearing.

Side effects associated with Sildenafil in a 2004 study, it was reported that:

Men taking Sildenafil had 1.0 greater incidence of developing prostate cancer, which was associated with higher blood levels. Men who used Sildenafil more than once per week had an almost threefold higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

However, the study did not distinguish between Sildenafil users who had prostate cancer and those who were not.

While sildenafil is available in Australia only by a doctor’s prescription, it was marketed directly on TV to customers (famously endorsed by former U.S. Senator Bob Dole and football star Pele).

How does Viagra work? An overview of the pharmacology, pharmacokinetics

Viagra is commonly used in Australia for men that suffer with erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction happens whenever a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual activity

This usually causes the man to become self conscious and depressed. It can cause a man to withdraw, and even feel ashamed to seek help. Feeling this way causes men to seek out a medication, also known as the little blue pill, online so they can get treatment secretive.

There are dangers to this route of treatment though

In Australia Viagra is the number one counterfeit medication known, and it can be found online without a prescription. Viagra online has been found to be counterfeit, and even as far as ink being used on the pills to imitate the writing on the original Viagra pill.

Unknown ingredients and dosages has been reported from the Viagra online

This has posed a great danger, and reports of reactions and even death has occurred. Australians take this very seriously, and have put an important law in place that states in order to take Viagra or any of the cousin medications need to have a health assessment and prescription in order to obtain the medication. This is put into place to protect those men that are naively trying to seek treatment themselves. Obtaining a prescription is easy and confidential.

A health care professional can assess one’s health.

This is an important step, because Viagra can be dangerous if you have pre-existing health conditions such as high blood pressure, or heart diseases or issues. Also, certain medications can counteract with Viagra, and a doctor needs a complete list of the medications you take in order to make sure you can mix the medications. Once you have a clear bill of health and your medications are okay, your doctor will then discuss if Viagra is right for you and what dosage to start you on.

Buy viagra online in Australia

Buy Viagra online

25, 50, or 100mg are the dosage that Viagra comes in

These are tablets that are to be taken orally, and with a light meal. It is recommended to avoid alcohol, heavy greasy meals, and citrus. Usually Viagra doesn’t need to be taken daily, and is prescribed as a as needed basis. Even though it can be taken daily, it should not be taken more than once a day. Viagra works only when sexually stimulated and works by increasing blood flow to the penis, which in return causes an erection to happen.

Side effects

There are minor side effects that can occur when taking Viagra, these include: headache, dizzy, Diarrhea, upset stomach, redness in face, heartburn, stuffy or runny nose, and sensitivity to light. If these do occur they are typically short lived.

There are some major side effects that are rare, but can occur

If you are feeling uncomfortable or unsure, seek medical advice right away. It is recommended to take Viagra 30 minutes to one hour before sexual engagement. Some men had concerns about having an erection during a time that was unwanted, but can be rest assured that an erection occurs when taking Viagra only when sexually stimulated. This helps avoid unwanted/uncomfortable situations.

Is it effective?

For most men Viagra is highly effective, and has helped many men reconnect with their spouse or significant other. Viagra is also sold under another name, Revatio, which helps those who suffer with high blood pressure in the lungs.

Oddly, Viagra was not originally designed to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Viagra was designed to treat high blood pressure, but was found that you had to take large amounts often in order to get the desired effect.

During the studies and trials it was reported that men were experiencing erections and able to maintain them. This is when the medication done a turnaround, and it was studied more in depth to see if it could have another use treating men that suffered from issues with erections, and was deemed successful. In 1998 the FDA approved Viagra. Over 100 million men in the world suffer from erectile dysfunction, and the little bill pill has changed the lives of many men.

At the time of it’s approval, it had the fastest sales rate following it’s launch

The embarrassment and stigma has shown to decrease once Viagra surfaced and it became less taboo.

There are several things that can cause erectile dysfunction issues such as, blood pressure issues, drug abuse, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even certain medications. Depression, stress, and anxiety are some things that can also cause erectile dysfunction. The safest way to take Viagra would be under a doctor’s orders.

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Is That Cialis?: Talking About Erectile Dysfunction in the Bedroom

Cialis helps increase blood flow to the penis and can help men with dysfunction erectile to obtain and maintain a satisfactory erection for sexual activity. Once completes sexual activity, penile blood flow slows and erection ends. For Cialis to work, sexual arousal is required. The man will not have an erection just by taking a Cialis tablet without the stimulation sexual. Cialis is absorbed by the body within 2 hours after oral administration.

How To Order Cialis In Cairns Online

In clinical studies, the following adverse events were reported with the use of Cialis:

Common reaction (occurs between 1% and 10% of patients using this medicine) – back pain (low back pain), stomach upset (dyspepsia),
redness of the face (facial flushing), muscle pain (myalgia) and stuffy nose (congestion)

In post-marketing follow-up of tadalafil, the following adverse events
have been reported:

Very rare reaction (occurs in less than 0.01% of patients using this drug).

Body as a whole: hypersensitivity reactions including rash, rash
itchy skin (hives), facial swelling, severe inflammatory redness of the skin
bullous (Stevens-Johnson syndrome) and inflammatory reddening of the skin
with generalized peeling (exfoliative dermatitis).

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular:

Severe cardiovascular events including infarction
myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death, stroke (stroke), pain
chest pain, palpitations, and rapid heartbeat (tachycardia) were reported in
post-marketing phase and it was possible to establish a temporal association with the use of

Most patients who reported these events had risk factors.
pre-existing cardiovascular disease. However, it cannot be definitively determined whether these

These events are directly related to these risk factors, tadalafil,
or a combination of these and other factors.

Other events:

decreased blood pressure (hypotension) (most commonly
reported when tadalafil is used by patients already taking antihypertensive agents, increased blood pressure (hypertension) and fainting (syncope).
Gastrointestinal: abdominal pain and gastroesophageal reflux.
Skin and subcutaneous tissues: abundant sweating (hyperhidrosis).
Special senses: blurred vision, interruption of blood flow to the optic nerve
(nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy) may result in decreased
vision, obstruction (occlusion) of the retinal vein, decrease (change) of the visual field.
Urogenital: painful erection longer than 4 hours (priapism), erection
Nervous system: migraine (headache).
Respiratory System: Epistaxis (nosebleed).

In addition to treating erectile dysfunction, it also slows or even reverses the progression of heart failure – when the heart cannot pump properly – according to a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports. in the United Kingdom, they tested sheep, which have hearts similar to those of humans. The drug stopped the worsening of the insufficiency in animals and even reversed its effects.

Cialis has altered a series of chemical reactions in the body to restore the heart’s ability to respond to adrenaline

This has increased the heart’s ability to pump blood around the body as it works harder. Most Current Treatments Are Ineffective Heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart is too weak to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. The problem is that most treatments are ineffective. The problem, which causes shortness of breath, fatigue, swollen legs, and rapid heartbeat, is treated with limited salt and fluid intake as well as the use of prescription drugs.

Did you know that erectile dysfunction medicine was discovered by chance during the testing phase of its active ingredient sildenafil as a medicine for high blood pressure and angina – chest pain that indicates a heart condition. The drug did not prove effective for its original purpose, but its side effect surprised: patients taking the drug reported improved erections and, in some cases, even had priapism – prolonged and painful erection.

According to doctors, therefore, this relationship between dysfunction and infarction drugs does not exist. There are even cases of men who had a heart attack after using the drug. However, experts explain that the cause of the problem was excessive and prolonged exertion during sex, not the action of the drug itself.

Sometimes side effects commonly reported by those who use the medicine – face heat, mild tachycardia, headache, and a stuffy nose – can lead the person to think they are having a heart problem. But do not worry. These symptoms occur because of the vasodilatory action of the drug. They have nothing to do with the imminence of a heart attack and pass along with the effect on erection.

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Premature ejaculation: Why it happens and how to control it

Premature ejaculation is becoming a growing concern in Australia as men are bringing more and more attention to the issue

This condition is one of the most common types of sexual dysfunctions observed in men. It is estimated that about 30 percent of the Australia male population is or has experienced premature ejaculation across all age groups. Premature ejaculation is a condition that is attempted to be hidden by men due to the embarrassment and relationship hinderance the issue causes to men who experience the condition. This leads to men avoiding obtaining help to correct and/or treat the underlying issues that may be present.

Australia is a growing market to finding a resolution to rectify the issue and allow men to obtain a happy and comfortable sex life

In Australia, it has been discovered that men experiencing premature ejaculation may have a fix for the issue if the penial gland can be desensitized. Researchers in Australia have put great effort in gearing treatments to trigger this exact goal. A device developed to target the penial gland and desensitize it during intercourse is what researchers in Australia came up with. The important part of the device is to desensitize the penial gland responsible for ejaculation. Approved by the FDA, Australia has introduced to the market a device that aids in the controlling of ejaculations during intercourse. The device is a cup that is geared to triggering the area of the penis that normally is stimulated for ejaculation and desensitizing it. The small plastic cup vibrates and is designed to be mainly used when a man is masturbating over a period of time to control their ejaculation.

The device is advised to be used by men when they are alone but the device can also be used during intercourse

Some men do not think to use the device during intercourse as they are ashamed that they have to use the device to last longer and thus do not talk about the issue with their partner or disclose any remedies that they have discovered so solve the issue. Because of the issue men not wanting to discuss the issue with their partner or medical provider, the device is a great tool to have to solve one’s problem on their own. It something that can be done in a quick bathroom break or in the shower and no one will know that there is an issue or ever was an issue.

The device known as Prolong aids in the delaying of ejaculation from a range of 48 seconds to 8 minutes

This can have a significant impact on a man’s sex life. The device has been tested in many clinical trials and has proven to delay ejaculations up to a little over 8 minutes in about 61 percent of subject testing the device. There were no age implications that played as a factor in how long an ejaculation can be suppressed while using the device during the trail phase. In one of the trials men on average achieve a moderate increase in ejaculation time of about 3 minutes longer. In other trials it was reported that men using the device ended up having a permanent resistance to premature ejaculation due to the use of the device. During the clinical trial of using the device there were men who did not respond to share their experience with the device but those who did demonstrated a gradual increase of improvement over a 6 month period.

Medical professionals get the patients excited about the device but sometimes fail to inform them to control their excitement

The device works in a way to control the excitement during intercourse and decrease the stimulation once men reach a certain level but the excitement of using the device is where issue may arise. It is advised that men using the device use some type of lubricant so that abrasions will not occur on the penis. Men should be cautious about overusing the device or using it without any lubrication. There are no long term risk that are experienced with using the device but there are possible side effect is that the vibration caused by the device could act on the glands in the penial area and instead cause an ejaculation to be too delayed.

Men may still need to consult a medical professional to ensure that they understand all the options that are available to them to ensure that they are receiving the most beneficial treatment for their condition.

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The truth behind Sexually Transmitted Infections, and how they are to be prevented and/or treated

Venereal diseases are those diseases that can be transmitted during sexual activities of various kinds. For this reason they are also known as STD, an acronym for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. This category also includes pathologies that – although normally acquired in different ways (parenterally, orofecally, etc.) – can be transmitted sporadically or occasionally through sexual contact.

Around the middle of the last century, in the most industrialized countries, the improved socio-economic conditions and the post-war therapeutic achievements have greatly reduced the incidence of the classic venereal diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.), to the point of suggesting their gradual disappearance in the years to come. Subsequently, however, the group of sexually transmitted diseases has gradually emerged and enriched with pathologies of different characteristics compared to those previously known. On the one hand, in the developing countries there has been a spread of the most feared venereal disease, AIDS, while on the other hand, in more industrialized nations sexual promiscuity and globalization have helped to keep attention focused on this problem , which – far from being solved – continues to absorb huge financial resources for public health each year.

Infectious agents

Currently, the group of venereal diseases recognizes over 30 different etiological agents, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Among these, only some microorganisms are transmitted mainly by sexual contact:

  • Neisseria gonorrhea: bacterium responsible for gonorrhea (also called drain or blenorragia);
  • Treponema pallidum: bacterium responsible for syphilis;
  • Chlamydia trachomatis: bacterium responsible for urethritis, cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease;
  • Trichomonas vaginalis: flagellated protozoan (unicellular organism) responsible for trichomoniasis;
  • HPV (Human Papilloma Virus): some types (16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58) can cause cervical cancer, while other strains are responsible for the condylomata acuminata;
  • Papilloma virus is another of the most widespread sexually transmitted diseases, but it can be prevented by a special vaccine. The efficacy and safety of the HPV vaccine has recently been confirmed. In Australia, after an extensive vaccination campaign in the decade between 2005 and 2015, the rate of HPV among women aged 18-24 has increased from 22.7% to 1.1% “.It is recalled that it is precisely the papilloma virus that increases the risk of contracting even serious diseases such as cancer of the uterine cervix, vulva and vagina, tumors of the anus, penis and oral cavity.
  • HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus): some types (one and in particular the two) are responsible for genital herpes.

STD and Sex


  • The infection occurs during sexual intercourse of various kinds (genital, oro-penile, oro-vaginal, anal) with direct contact of infected fluids, such as sperm, vaginal secretions and blood lost from small lesions. Particularly risky is anal coitus, often responsible for modest lacerations that become entry gates for germs. As far as petting is concerned, there is a certain risk of transmission in case of contact of the genitals or ejaculation in the vicinity of them.
  • Some microorganisms responsible for specific venereal diseases are instead transmitted with a certain frequency both by sexual means and by parenteral route; this is the case, for example, of AIDS and hepatitis B virus, both common in some categories of drug addicts. In addition to the exchange of syringes, these venereal diseases can also be transmitted through the mixed use of razors or not-sterilized cutting objects (for example for surgery or tattoos).
  • Other microorganisms recognize predominantly non-sexual modes of infection; this is the case, for example, of the hepatitis A virus, the Shigella, Campylobacter and Salmonella bacteria, as well as of the parasites Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium, all transmitted mainly via fecal gold (ingestion of contaminated food), but also during sexual intercourse of oro-anal and genito-anal nature (including sharing sex toys that are not adequately sterilized or protected by a condom). Cytomegalovirus and Epstein barr virus can be transmitted both through sexual contact and through a simple kiss (saliva is a vehicle of infection).

In general, therefore, the etiological agents responsible for venereal diseases recognize different modes of transmission which, although rarely, can also include the promiscuous use of underwear, towels or infected toilet articles. Outside of very few exceptions (we have seen mononucleosis for the kiss), venereal diseases are not transmitted by kissing another person, much less by drinking from the same glass or shaking her hand; the use of public sanitary ware is generally considered a low-risk practice, since most of the microorganisms responsible for venereal diseases do not survive long outside the body.

Unfortunately, over the recent years sexually transmitted infections have been on the rise inside of Australia.

In recent studies, in the past decade, the cases of syphilis have gone triple fold and chlamydia has been increased by 43 per cent.

STI in Australia

The reasoning for these is increases in online dating and better testing, which will be discussed further inside of this article

Starting with the first reason given, online dating has had a major effect on sexually transmitted infections in Australia because dating has gone digital. Since dating has gone digital, apps like Tinder and others encourage casual sex way more than before it was so easy to meet and hook up with strangers over the internet. Given that it is much easier to have sexual relations with strangers, it is much more likely for people to have unsafe sex because they are either uneducated or just do not care because, usually, people have sex with people that they trust so they do not realize the difference when it is with the stranger.

When having sex with a stranger or someone you do not fully trust, always wear a condom!

This prevents you from getting and diseases and from you giving your sexual partner any diseases. Having an active sex life is not a bad thing, but without the proper safety precautions, it can result in a lot of pain or the possibility of something that you did not initially want. This is a consequence of the digital age, because sex has become more casual over time, as it is a more modern way of thinking, and has resulted in more sexually transmitted infections being spread across Australia. This is why it is best to take precautions. The other case as to why sexually transmitted infections are on the rise in Australia is the fact that there is more accurate testing that can pin point whether you have a disease or not. This is great for people that are unsure of what certain symptoms mean and help people more quickly feel better.

This also shows how you can never be too careful with statistics and other scientific studies, as there may always be something better that can come out and change the facts

As with the better testing, the rates of chlamydia and syphilis were much lower before better and more effective testing came out. This is why it’s best to play it safe and have safe sex anytime that you are not one hundred percent sure of whether a person is clean from any sexually transmitted infections, even if they have had testing, not all tests are accurate which could mean that the infection could transfer to you as well.

This is why doctors always recommend having safe sex as it prevents the possibility of this at all!

Another reason for sexually transmitted infections being on the rise in Australia is that there are more visitors and travelers that are coming to Australia, which in turn leads to more people engaging in sexual activity with people from other origins that have a higher chance of these infections

Though there’s nothing wrong with having sexual relations with a person from another country, there are chances that you are not adapted to the bacteria and conditions in those countries.

This results in you having a higher change in contracting an infection because you do not have the antibodies to protect yourself from such bacteria. This closely relates to why when people from other continents than Africa visit Africa, they have a much higher chance to contract malaria from mosquitoes. This is because your body is not adapted to the conditions that the natives of the continent are adapted to.


Thus, more bacteria from around the world is getting on your skin and possibly harming you

This is why everyone recommends to have safe sex when engaging in sexual relations with a person that has not been fully tested or someone that is not fully trusted. You never know what bacteria could by lying on or in somebody’s body so it is best to take precautions and avoid the chance of getting a sexually transmitted infection at all.

For safe sex practices, condoms are the only guaranteed way to prevent bacteria from reaching your genitalia and other vulnerable extremities when having sex.

Without safe sex practices, people are at a higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection

Nobody wants to feel burning when they pee or be uncomfortable all of the time, so save yourself and others and use safe sex practices.

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Treat erectile dysfunction with this miracle drug: Cialis

  1. What is Cialis?
  2. How its working on your body?
  3. Side effects
  4. How to buy Cialis in Australia?
  5. Dosage
  6. Cialis prices online

First I would like to talk about Cialis what actually Cialis is

Cialis is actually used to treat erectile dysfunction. Cialis basically increases the blood flow to the private part of the man, enabling an erection to occur when a man is sexually stimulated.

Now let’s talk about how it works

When a man is sexually stimulated, nitric oxide is released into the man’s private part. Cialis comes in yellow tablets in 5, 10 and 20 mg doses. Cialis should not be taken more than once per day. This is because a portion of the drug remains in the system for at least 24 hours. However, if you think that you need to take this drug every day then you can take 2.5 mg per day no more than that because otherwise it can really harm your body. This drug will not work if a man is not sexually aroused. Therefore, in order for this drug to be work properly the man should be sexually aroused. The drug does not provide an erection without sexual stimulation.

Now let’s talk about the side effects of this drug – Legitimate Pharmacy To Order Cialis Online

You can experience any out of these dizziness, nausea, numbness, tingling or pain the jaw, arms, chest, or neck. If you are a heart patient or if you have chest pain then you should avoid this drug. If you have any of these two then it can cause a serious and sudden drop in blood pressure, or hypotension. You can still take Cialis if you have any of the following health issue but you will have to ask your doctor first related to this. These are as follow, heart rhythm problems, angina, or any kind of heart disease, high or low blood pressure, congestive heart failure or stroke within the last 6 months, or myocardial infarction within the last 3 months, sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, hemophilia, leukemia, or another blood disorder, liver or kidney disease, stomach ulcer, retinitis pigmentosa, structural deformity of the penis, and any health condition for which they have been advised not to have sexual intercourse.

The next I will like to talk about the price and how it can be purchased online in Australia

There are different prices for different doses. The 10 mg does is for one dollar, the 20 mg dose is two dollars, the 40 mg does is four dollars, the most common 60 mg does is six dollars, the 80 mg does is eight dollars, and the 100 mg does is ten dollars. If you compare these prices to the regular Viagra then you clearly see the differences between the prices. The regular Viagra costs way too much than this. You can buy this online easily. You can get this with 2 day shipping in free of cost. You can buy this online at In addition to that you can also get the coupons online and apply those when you purchase this online in Australia. In order to purchase this online there are few requirements that you have to do before you make an order online. All you have to do is complete an online doctor visit with a licensed US physician to make sure a prescription is appropriate for you.

Cialis, different active substance from other medicines; this is why it is a valid alternative

Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) affects many men, especially older men. Cialis is a phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitor similar to Viagra. Cialis is better than Viagra if you want to have an erection for a longer period of time. Cialis can last up to 18 hours instead of the 4 hours that Viagra can offer.

Cialis Online In Australia
Cialis Online In Australia

How its works?

By getting more blood to the penis you get an erection. Nitric oxide is usually produced from sexual activity. Nitric oxide activates the enzyme, guanylate cyclase, which causes the production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The cGMP is what controls how much blood flows in or out of the penis. Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) destroys the cGMP. Cialis inhibits the enzyme PDE5 from attacking the cGMP so that cGMP can accumulate for a longer period of time. The longer cGMP remains in the penis, the longer the man will have an erection because the blood will keep it engorged.

Side effects

Cialis can have several side effects which can include facial flushing, headaches, stomach upset, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, and
nausea. It can also cause low blood pressure, blurred vision, changes in color vision, and abnormal ejaculation. It’s important to get medical attention if any of these things get worse while using this medication.


The usual amount to start with is a dose of 10 mg per day taken before starting to have sex. If needed the dose may be increased to 20 mg or decreased to 5 mg a day. The effect may last up to 36 hours. It’s recommended to not increase the dose by 10 mg in 72 hours. When taking it daily whether you have sexual activity or not it is recommended to take a dose of 2.5 to 5 mg daily and never take it more than once a day. It should be taken around the same time of day if taken daily. It can be taken with or without food depending on your preference. Patients with kidney or liver function issues may need different dosage amounts.

Why do I need prescription?

It is best to get a prescription for this drug even if you buy online and it says it isn’t necessary. A doctor can look at their previous medical history and know what is acceptable for a patient to take. After getting a prescription, there are many websites that offer Cialis but it is important to find a site that is legitimate so that you truly get the medication you are looking to acquire.

Cialis price in Australia

The cost of Cialis is around .50 for the 5mg strength and for the 20mg strength, per tablet. There are websites that you can give your information to an online doctor and they can give you a prescription in 10 minutes. Not sure if I would recommend acquiring the medication through an online website unless you are truly familiar with the site previously. It would still be important to know what your blood pressure it, so you would want to make a trip to at least a clinic to have this determined before making a risky purchase.

It’s important to know that the longer you take Cialis the greater the possibility of a negative drug interaction. Should there be reactions a doctor should be consulted to change the dosage. Especially if you have other medical issues such as a previous heart attack or stroke during the past 6 months it is not advised to take Cialis.

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Do you know about Viagra?

Viagra is now available in Austrailia by prescription. Interested? Finish reading this article to find out a little more!

Viagra was originally investigated as a potential anti-angina medication, based on its ability to release nitric oxide and increase blood flow to the heart. Although Viagra failed as a heart medication, researchers in London became excited when many of the men in the clinical trials reported the frequent occurrence of unaccustomed erections and improved sexual performance. Following this serendipitous finding (and five years of clinical trials), Viagra was finally granted approval as a treatment for men suffering from difficulty in achieving erections due to conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease, spinal cord injury, and radical prostatectomy.

You may be wondering, How does Viagra work? Will it work for me? Unfortunately, as we age, cellular concentrations of cGMP decrease. Viagra works to achieve and maintain erections by (1) enhancing the effects of nitric oxide, and (2) maintaining higher levels of cGMP, the two key players in penile erection. The way Viagra does this is to selectively inhibit the cGMP-destroying actions of PDE-5. This in turn prevents relaxation of the smooth muscle in the corpus cavernosum, increases blood flow to the genitals, and leads to stronger erections and intensified sensation. All the technical jargon aside, You do have to be sexually stimulated in order to get and maintain an erection. It does not happen by the pill itself. Viagra can also take up to 30 minutes to activate, so relax and enjoy the time spent with your partner to get that erection going!

Generic Viagra Australia

The most common side effects of Viagra include headaches, facial flushing, and indigestion. The FDA also noted that three percent of men taking the little blue pill reported temporary changes in their vision, including light sensitivity and a bluish tinge in their vision. All of these are normal. Very occasionally, Viagra can cause a painful erection or an erection that won’t go away. If this happens, and the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, you should go to the nearest emergency department. Prolonged erections can be dangerous. Viagra may not be safe to take for men with certain medical conditions, including men who have had a stroke, have heart disease or retinitis pigmentosa (an eye disease). It can also interact with many medicines, particularly nitrates and blood pressure medicines. Men who use nitrates in any form or are being treated for pulmonary hypertension should not take Viagra. All medicines have risks and benefits. Your doctor has weighed the risks of you taking Viagra against the benefits they expect it will have for you. It should be used only under strict medical supervision.

So, you have talked to your doctor and gotten your Viagra, How do you take it? Your doctor will decide the correct dose for you depending on your condition and response.This can be one 25 mg tablet a day or one 50 mg tablet a day or one 100 mg tablet a day. Do not take more than one dose of Viagra a day. Swallow the tablet whole with a full glass of water. Take your dose of Viagra about one hour before you intend to have sex. The amount of time Viagra takes to start working varies from person to person, but it normally takes between half an hour and one hour. You may find Viagra takes longer to work if you take it with a heavy meal. Viagra will work only if you are sexually excited!

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Viagra: the Holy Grail for Erectile Dysfunction – with Staying Power to Boot

Viagra is a prescription medication that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Originally created as a heart medication, Viagra was found to have the unusual property of causing and sustaining erections in males. Once this was discovered, Viagra was quickly modified so that it could be marketed as an erectile dysfunction drug. Since it’s approval, Viagra has become the most popular drug prescribed for erectile dysfunction in men in the world.

Viagra side effects

While Viagra is considered a very safe drug, there are some side effects and adverse effects that the patient needs to be aware of. The most common of these side effects include headache, nausea, upset stomach and fatigue. These side effects generally diminish with time and are not considered to be severe in a majority of patients that take the drug.
Viagra has a serious adverse effect in that it may cause erections that last longer than four hours. This phenomenon is known as priapism, and constitutes a medical emergency. If a patient is taking Viagra and have an erection that lasts longer than four hours, they need to seek immediate medical attention. Treatment for priapism generally consists of using a needle to drain the penis of blood to relieve the pressure placed on the penile tissues.


Generic Sildenafil
Buy Generic Viagra in Australia

Viagra prescription

Viagra is a prescription medication, and requires a prescription from a health care provider. In order for a patient to receive Viagra, they must consult with their provider before they can obtain the drug. Fortunately, many insurance companies cover Viagra at little to no charge. In Australia, Viagra is frequently covered by most private and government funded insurance plans.
Viagra functions by blocking phosphodiesterase 5, which is a molecule in the body that promotes the breakdown of another molecule that regulates blood flow in the penis. When this molecule is blocked, the tissue in the penis is able to maintain and sustain longer lasting erections. It is important to keep in mind however that blood vessels in the lungs are also affected by the drug.

Recently, Viagra has been found to be a drug of abuse in young people

Particularly in Australia, the popularity of the drug has increased over the years. The reasoning behind the use of Viagra as a recreational drug include the increase in libido, improved sexual performance and the false belief that Viagra permanently increases the size of the penis.
Viagra has been studied in recent years for use as a deterrent for jet lag. Only a few studies have been performed up to this point, but those studies have been promising so that more studies may be needed to determine whether or not Viagra may be useful as a treatment for jet lag.

Viagra is unique in that numerous online websites in Australia offer prescriptions for Viagra via an online “consultation”

This presents a number of problems, namely because of the fact that online consultations do not provide the proper medical history and context needed by the provider to appropriately prescribe the drug.
As was stated earlier in the article, Viagra is the most popular erectile dysfunction drug in the world. In the year 2000 alone, Viagra accounted for over 90% of erectile dysfunction prescriptions. Recently however, the introduction of new erectile dysfunction medications has led to the loss of market share for Viagra and its parent company, Pfizer.
Another important factor to consider in the marketing of Viagra is that Pfizer lost the patent to Viagra in early 2017. The resulting loss of the patent allowed pharmaceutical companies across the world to make and sell their own generic versions of Viagra at a cost substantially less than that of the brand name medication.

In Australia, Viagra remains one of the most prescribed medications for erectile dysfunction

Along with Cialis, Viagra is a great option for men looking to relive the signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Whether or not Viagra remains the market leader in erectile dysfunction remains to be seen, but it can be certain that Viagra will remain a first line treatment for many men in Australia who are looking for help for erectile dysfunction.

If a patient is interested in taking Viagra for erectile dysfunction, they should visit their local health care provider and obtain a prescription.

Since its creation more than twenty years ago, Viagra has become one of the most famous and used medicines in the world, including Australia.
Born as a medicine to combat the impossibility of getting an erection, this drug has quickly become a means of guaranteeing anyone, whether in need or not, nights of endless sex.

So, why not learn more about this love pill?

Frequently asked questions about Viagra

What is Viagra?

Viagra is a drug that restores erectile function in men with impotence. It is the first of its kind and acts selectively on the penis. It is not a hormone or an aphrodisiac.

Is it a safe medicine?

Yes it is. Viagra has been tested on 4,500 men during clinical studies. The incidence of adverse reactions that forced patients to discontinue treatment was similar to that of patients taking placebo.

How does the tablet work?

Viagra works by increasing the relaxation of the penile muscles. When an erection occurs, the smooth muscles of the penis and arteries surrounding the organ must be relaxed. Viagra maximizes relaxation and increases erection efficiency. The enzyme on which the drug acts is phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5), which is almost provided in the penis. More information here.

Does the drug relax all the smooth muscles in the body?

No. The enzyme (PDE-5) perform at a level of the penis. The minimum cross reaction is responsible for the side effects.

Viagra vs Cialis

Which medicine is the best? Viagra or Cialis?

These drugs have been used to treat erectile dysfunction, but those active agents are distinct. This means that one of these treatments could be better suited to everyone else. Viagra has several benefits compared to Cialis.

During the medical examination, the doctor will be able to determine which of these options is right for you.

Viagra side effects

What are the side effects of Viagra?

Slight headache, redness, indigestion, runny nose, transient visual disturbances (blue haze).

Can Viagra influence my visual acuity (blurred vision)?

No, this has been extensively tested.

Does Viagra influence night vision while driving?

No, this has also been extensively tested.

Are there any serious side effects?

No. The incidence of serious cardiovascular side effects in more than 4,500 men studied was similar in the placebo group and in the treatment group; less than 2%. There were no deaths during the studies.

Does this drug cause permanent erection?
No. During clinical trials, there were no episodes of priapism. Viagra does not cause an erection without sexual stimulation, unlike penile injections or intraurethral therapy. Its mechanism of action is completely different.

Are there any contraindications?

Yes. The only contraindication is the intake of nitrates (sublingual nitroglycerin, long-acting nitrates, nitrate pastes). Several patients lost consciousness while taking nitrates and Viagra due to a drop in blood pressure. No patient has suffered serious consequences after fainting. If you are taking nitrates, talk to your doctor or cardiologist before taking this medicine.

What about interactions with other drugs?

There has been no interaction with other drugs, including medications for diabetics, anticoagulants, antacids, aspirin or alcohol. Concomitant use of Viagra with cimetidine and erythromycin results in increased blood levels, but without complications.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for taking Viagra?

Viagra has been tested and proven safe in men over 85 years old. Viagra has not been tested on men under the age of 18. It is not indicated in the pediatric age group

How can I take Viagra?

The tablet should be taken 1 to 2 hours before sexual intercourse. The peak in the blood occurs in less than 60 minutes.

Will I have a spontaneous erection in 60 minutes?

No. Once again, the pill works in parallel with natural and sexual stimulation.

What happens if I don’t have sex within an hour?

The beneficial effect can be found 8 hours later. Most of the time, the effect occurs within the first 4 hours. You will not have an erection without sexual stimulation.

How many times can I take Viagra in one day?

The recommended dosage is once a day.

Can I take two Viagra tablets at the same time?

No. You can only take one tablet at a time, keeping the prescribed dosage.

What dose should I take? Are there more dosages?

One tablet of Viagra is available in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. You have to take the lowest dose to start. The higher the dose, the more side effects are important. It is always possible to increase or decrease the dose based on the response to the drug. 100 mg is the maximum daily dose.

Can I overdose the treatment?

The greater the dose that was ingested during clinical studies, the more problematic were the side effects. In some Canadian studies, a 200 mg dose was administered without improving treatment efficacy and with more side effects. Viagra was given at doses 8 times higher than the recommended dose without causing significant health problems.

Does medicine affect my orgasm?

No. Because the effectiveness of Viagra depends on sexual stimulation, orgasms are not affected.

Should I fear this treatment if I am having a child?

There is no absolute answer to this question and caution is advised. This specific problem has not been studied in clinical studies. The laboratories did not detect any effect of Viagra on sperm motility and neither on fertility nor on the increase of birth defects in animals.

Does Viagra cause cancer?

No. Extensive animal testing has revealed no signs of cancer.

Does this tablet increase my libido (sexual desire) or my aggressiveness?

No. Viagra has no effect on libido. Intensive psychological tests did not reveal aggressive behavior or increased desire.

Does Viagra work?

The effectiveness of the drug depends on the cause of the problem. If there is a serious deficiency in the bloodstream, the drug will probably not work. Clinical drug studies have shown that Viagra in a conventional dose (50 mg) is effective in over 70% of patients. The lowest dose (25 mg) was effective in 63% of users, while Viagra 100 mg was effective at 82%.

Diabetic men who have undergone prostate surgery or radical bladder surgery have a lower efficacy rate.

What happens if Viagra doesn’t work?

Viagra cannot work without sexual arousal. You may be too tired or not very sexually aroused. If this does not work repeatedly, we advise you to consult a doctor to discuss alternatives to Viagra.

Is it reimbursed by my mutual health insurance or health insurance?

Some mutual societies can repay treatments for erectile dysfunction, but many do not. Check with the individual plan administrator.

Can Viagra be taken by women?

Health authorities have not approved Viagra in women. Its safety and efficacy have not been established in any other group than men over the age of 18.

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How Cialis professional can help you with your impotency?

Where to buy Cialis professional

Statistics show the average guy doesn’t know how to identify early signs of erectile dysfunction.

This lack of knowledge is one of the reasons millions of men in Australia develop erectile problems. Data shows a little more than two million Australian men is diagnosed annually. These numbers are expected to increase over the next five years. By 2025 experts suggest that these numbers will reach upwards of four million men. For a long time, erectile dysfunction was something reserved for older men. In 2019, it is something that can strike men as young as 16 years of age. That means erectile dysfunction is now a matter of when not if.

Where to buy Cialis professional

Today, I want to show you three early warning signs of erectile dysfunction that you may not be noticing.

In addition to that, I also want to talk about an effective treatment called Cialis professional. I’ll be explaining why Cialis professional is one of the best choices to consider when it comes to treatment. I’ll also talk about a few tips and tricks you can use today to improve your erectile quality. Getting into the early warning signs. The first sign you might be ignoring is a thin erection. This is a type of erection that has not fully expanded.

Thin of narrow erections are easily missed if you aren’t paying attention to your erectile quality.

This is caused by a restriction of the blood vessels which prevent the maximum amount of blood into the penis. This kind of erection is the earliest way to detect a potential problem. The second sign would be what is called a soft erection. These are erections that are easily bent or lost. Men will often mistake this as a sign of fatigue or not being in the mood for sex. The last early warning signs of erectile problems is a sudden loss of libido. If your sexual desire has dropped then it might be time to visit your doctor. Proper diet and exercise will increase erectile quality by about 50% if you are having issues in the bedroom.

There are dozens of erectile treatments available to men suffering from erectile problems.

They all vary in effectiveness, cost, and supply. Which is why I recommend Cialis professional as a first choice. The medication is a solid middle ground among treatment options. The cost is fairly low, it is effective and doesn’t require additional sources of treatment. This medication comes in a simple tablet that you will take orally. The medication takes effect in under 15 minutes and costs about to per pill. It is affordable on all income levels and is usually the biggest pain point for men looking for a reliable treatment.

Cialis professional does require a prescription. That means that you will have to consult your doctor before use.

While I understand the reluctance to visiting the doctor, in this case, it is needed. Erectile dysfunction is only a precursor to a number of dangerous medical conditions. These range from Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. If erectile dysfunction is left untreated for long periods of time it can become permanent. Don’t take this advice lightly. Schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible and get screened.

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Cialis – treatment for adult men with erectile dysfunction

When it comes to the treatment of erectile dysfunction is important to remember that it is simply not a condition that goes when it’s own it does require treatment in order to see any positive results.

Where To Buy Cialis In Darwin Nt
Where To Buy Cialis In Australia

Though some may be embarrassed about talking about their erectile dysfunction this does not need to be the case is doctors are trained to handle such things with care and to handle them as any professional would.

Simply deal with erectile dysfunction can be bothersome in and of itself as it prevents one from ever quite knowing whether or not they will be successful in the sexual encounter in which they are trying to have and it just leads to a number of frustrating situations where one doubts their ability to perform. All of this added stress from erectile dysfunction can actually make the condition itself worse as well as it is known that one’s mental state does also play a part in erectile dysfunction. Considering all of the negative effects of erectile dysfunction it is easy to see why it is necessary for it to be treated in order to restore life to normalcy. Though you have a number of options when it comes to the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the form of medications it is important to find one that you feel is a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

You could consider something such as Cialis for the treatment of your erectile dysfunction as Cialis has some benefits that you do not see with other erectile dysfunction medications.

Cialis, for example, has an active window in which you see relief from erectile dysfunction for around 36 hours. The real key takes away from that is the fact that Cialis just simply last significantly longer than any other erectile dysfunction medication on the market. With other erectile dysfunction medications, you are lucky to see a four-hour window where you be free from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and Cialis provides nearly 10 times the duration of that. While other erectile dysfunction medications can only be taken once a day which is a bit limiting in the coverage, Cialis is capable of being taken on a daily schedule and due to its long duration is capable of providing you with coverage at all times.

This is simply not a claim that you can make when taking another erectile dysfunction medication.

For those who have issues with urination or emptying their bladder fully, you may also see benefits in that regard while taking Cialis services is known to help with such things. You also the added benefit of the fact that Cialis is been around for quite some time and as such has been thoroughly tested, this gives you a sense of comfort when taking the medication as you know it is proven effective time and time again.

When you’re choosing how to receive your prescription of Cialis you may take notice of the ability to use online pharmacies.

With the arrival of online pharmacies, you can save yourself quite a bit of time as you no longer need to wait at the pharmacy or even drive there in order to receive your medication. You could even say that this saves you a bit on gas as you avoid the drive.

When you speak with your doctor about Cialis it is important to mention any current medications that you might be taking as they could negatively interact with Cialis.

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