Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Viagra

Viagra is a drug that is used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, commonly known to the public as ED. Erectile dysfunction can have a devastating effect on a man’s sex life. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to maintain an erection for sexual activity. Viagra, the first known drug to be approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction, was approved in 1998 and is commonly used in Australia.

The competition

The most common competitor for Viagra is a drug commonly known as Cialis. Viagra has numerous side effects, which include headaches, nosebleeds, muscle aches, as well as a stuffy nose. These side effects can be severe in certain patients. In order to obtain Viagra, a patient must schedule an appointment with their doctor and go to the appointment. If the doctor determines that erectile dysfunction is indeed the case, then he will make a prescription for Viagra (or Cialis) at your local pharmacy available for you to pick up. Viagra essentially makes it easier for blood to rush into the penis, which creates an erection and allows a man to have sex.

Take precaution

However, a patient needs to be extra careful when using erectile dysfunction medication. Due to the medication, a man may get a sustained erection, which can have severe long term effects. The medication was actually discovered by Pfizer back in 1989 when they were looking for treatment for conditions relating to heart-caused chest pain. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million prescriptions were written for the drug in 2016. While getting the drug from a pharmacist and a prescription from a doctor is still necessary for most countries, the drug is available over the counter in the United States and the United Kingdom, meaning that a patient can buy it from any drug store. Viagra is commonly referred to by many as the blue pill, and it is very commonly used in the United States.

Who ED affects most

Erectile dysfunction can be a very nagging issue, especially men who are over the age of 40. As men age, the amount of testosterone in their bodies drastically decreases, making it much harder for these men to get an erection when they are aroused. While Viagra formerly made up a massive portion of the market for erectile dysfunction medication, that has all changed in the last decade or two due to several factors. The main factor in this is the introduction of other players in the game such as Cialis, which according to many doctors is more effective and lasts longer than Viagra. In order to combat this, Viagra 100mg strives to partner with more pharmacies and turning to other methods in order to transport its product from manufacturing to consumer. One of the main methods they also tried is selling the product directly to consumers through their website.


A large risk when buying Viagra online is risking buying a counterfeit medicine. The drug is one of the most counterfeited drugs in the world, with 80% of people who bought Viagra online actually ended up buying counterfeits unknowingly. Viagra advertising is consistent and persistent. One does not have to go far to see an advertisement for the drug, and in the past commercials for the drug have included people such as former soccer star Pele and former United States Senator Bob Dole. These big names have allowed Viagra to grow over time, but new competitors have certainly brought challenges to the drug brand that may be even steeper over time. While Viagra formerly held a monopoly over the erectile dysfunction drug market, that is no longer so.

Other options

Cialis is not the only challenger, other new startups such as Roman offer erectile dysfunction medication that is easy to get and is shipped right to the patient’s door after an online consultation. Only 25 MG of Viagra should be taken every 48 hours, and those who challenge this fact may have to spend extensive periods in the emergency room or a hospital. Overuse of an erectile dysfunction drug is certainly nothing to fool with by any means. There are also several risks that are known that associate Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs with being at high altitudes, so anyone using the drug at a high elevation must be extra careful.

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