50 everyday things you can do to propel chronic pain management

Strategies For Managing Pain in Australia

Pain is a part of being human but it doesn’t have to dominate one’s life. There are a host of treatment options including steps that one can take themselves in order to reduce the effect that pain has on one’s life. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that pain can be mitigated and how one can reduce the overall amount of pain they experience including chronic pain in Australia.

Sleep and health

Sleep and health are entwined when it comes to managing pain. Without enough sleep, the body can not function at an optimal level. The body has symptoms that rely on sleep such as the immune system which will deteriorate and be less effective against illness when the body is lacking sleep. These are all factors that can help reduce pain by addressing the root of the problem. How you sleep is also important, especially for those who experience major joint pain. Sleeping with a pillow between the legs can help keep them aligned with the spine properly and reduce joint pain the following day.

Dietary restrictions

One common cause of inflammation and joint pain can be diet. Eating things like wheat, gluten and grains can sometimes cause inflammation. It is best to avoid foods with lots of sugar as well since sugar can also cause inflammation. It could be that you have a food allergy as well. Sometimes food allergies can go years without being diagnosed. A common food allergy is gluten intolerance and since gluten is found in a majority of processed foods it may be worsening your pain.

Pharmaceutical options

Many powerful medications can treat chronic pain and some less potent ones that can also be effective in managing pain. Some of these include Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Viagra and Advil. On the other end of the scale lies potent medications such as hydrocodone, morphine, and fentanyl. Medications that are potent opiates are typically only used to manage pain only in the most severe cases such as when a person has cancer in Australia.

Natural remedies

If you prefer to avoid risking addiction to pharmaceutical medication, there are a number of non-opioid pain treatments that don’t involve chemicals. Acupuncture, for example, can be a powerful tool for managing pain. Acupuncture focuses on the nerves by sending signals to the sympathetic nervous system as well as release important neurochemicals as well as hormones. Massage therapy can also be a powerful pain management tool and can help reduce anxiety leading to improved mental health. There are also some herbs with anti-inflammatory properties that can be powerful pain relievers. One such herb is Kratom which is a powerful natural pain reliever although it is not legal in some places. In other places, Kratom can be purchased over the counter at convenience stores.


While there are many stereotypes surrounding yoga, it is important to get past any negative stereotypes associated with it and focus solely on its benefits. Yoga can drastically reduce the amount of stress one is experiencing and this can help set off a positive chain reaction. If you are less stressed you can get better sleep, if you get better sleep your body can fight off disease better and heal injuries.


One place you should always start when treating your chronic pain is with a vitamin deficiency test. This can help you determine which vitamins your body is lacking and this allows you to increase the intake of those vitamins. When your body is properly equipped to handle stress, pain, and injuries it is far more likely to reduce the overall amount of healing time involved. Vitamin D is a common one that is taken to help improve pain symptoms. Another is Vitamin B12 which can help with symptoms of pain such as numbness, irritability, and depression.

Treating pain in Australia

By taking a varied approach, one is far more likely to have success when treating their pain in Australia. Having a pain management regiment will allow you to methodically assess and treat your pain symptoms. This can mean using a mix of western medicine, doctors and natural healing remedies. The more tools in your pain-fighting arsenal the more success you are likely to experience.

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