Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial


Welcome to the Alzheimer’s clinical trial—specifically designed for people with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease who are currently taking donepezil. Erectile dysfunction : The disease of all centuries (for men with Alzheimer at least). Kamagra oral jelly: An alternative for elderly men with erectile dysfunction who have problems with traditional erectile pills

This study is evaluating an investigational treatment for mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease that is taken together with the medication donepezil. In a previous study the combination of Kamagra and donepezil was observed to provide statistically significant benefits on measurements of study participants’ cognition and ability to perform daily living activities, as compared to donepezil alone.

Together we can make a difference in developing new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.

Clinical trials

Before regulatory authorities can consider an investigational drug, device or procedure for approval, it must be shown to be both safe and effective. Typically, this is done through clinical studies–carefully designed and monitored studies, intended to test and evaluate these potential treatments.

What does study participation involve?

  • Coming to the study center for 9 study visits (including the study-screening visit) over a 33-week period to assess health and/or study drug effects. All medical assessments related to the study are provided at no cost to the participant / caregiver.
  • Taking donepezil —provided by the study at no cost—as well as the study drug or placebo, for approximately six months.
  • Participation of a companion (spouse, family member, friend) who can attend study visits and provide feedback to the study doctor about how the person with Alzheimer’s is doing with daily activities.
  • When the participant completes the study, there will be an opportunity to continue in a 12-month “extension” study. In this extension study, all study participants will receive the investigational medication (no placebo will be given), and clinical care related to the study will continue at no cost.
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