Kamagra Oral Jelly: An Alternative to that little blue Pill?

Kamagra Oral Jelly has become a very popular drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for some men within the past few years , although it has been around for many ages .  This medicine is often used as a cheaper alternative to the more popular erectile dysfunction drug Viagra .  The main similarity   it has with Viagra is its main ingredient Sildenafil , which is present in both drugs.

This powerful sex drug is produced by a Indian company named  Ajanta Pharma .  The recommended daily dosage for an adult male is 100 mg ( milligrams ) .  The effects of this dose is said to last up to 4-5 hours .  Just like Viagra , Kamagra Oral Jelly works by increasing blood flow to the male sexual organ , which allows for a harder stronger erection .  This effect will ultimately result in a better sexual performance of a man .

Why its so popular in Australia nowadays?

One place where Kamagra Oral Jelly is very popular , is on the Continent of Australia . Here you can easily and legally obtain the jelly online in 100 mg amounts .  Australians can also purchase the drug legally from over the counter pharmacies as well , but some choose to keep their privacy by buying it online .  One important thing that Australians should remember when buying this drug online , is to make sure that they are buying it from a reputable known Pharmacy or pharmaceutical company .  The mistake of taking counterfeit or fake drugs can sometimes have lethal or deadly consequences .  Another thing that they should remember , is not to abuse or over do it with this potent Jelly .

Recommended dosage

Anything over the recommended usage of 100 milligrams a day , could have some unhealthy side effects such as painful and prolonged erections , and stress on the heart and cardiovascular system , just to name a few .  It is also suggested that an individual should check with their Doctor or Health physician before taking Kamagra Oral Jelly .  This drug can cause problems and possible death for some people with health issues such as heart problems , hyper tension , and other types of ailments that deal with blood flow and circulation . A healthy adult with none of the above health problems , are permitted by Doctors to take 100 milligrams a day maximum . It is suggested that a person does not exceed that amount .

Kamagra benefits

The most common benefit that usually comes to mind when people think about Kamagra Oral Jelly is the enhancement of sexual performance in men .  This result can have a fantastic effect on a mans sex life , self esteem , relationship or marriage , and overall health .  It has bean known for years that a healthy sex life within itself can contribute to a persons overall health .  These other health benefits include things such as a healthier heart .  Also things like  better blood flow and circulation through the body and cardiovascular system due to an increased heart rate during sex .  Weight loss is also another healthy benefit that can sometimes occur from increased sex .  These other healthy benefits can come full circle , because ultimately they equate to the raising of a man’s testosterone levels .  These testosterone levels effects a man’s sex drive , and determines how sexually active he can be .

Side effects

Kamagra Oral Jelly is a wonderful sexual enhancement drug for men with erectile dysfunction and low libido in Australia .  However , just like any other great drug that is on the market , it does have its potential drawbacks and side effects .  Even healthy people who don’t have heart issues or cardiovascular issues need to be aware of these things .  Some of the potential side effects of Kamagra Oral Jelly are as follows , headaches , facial flushing , nasal congestion , nausea , vomiting , upset stomach , indigestion , back pain , dizziness , tinnitus , low blood pressure , rapid heart beat , heart attack , nose bleeds , and Steven Johnson Syndrome which occurs rarely .  It is also suggested that you should stop taking the drug immediately if you have any of the following symptoms , Photosensitivity , erections lasting longer then 4 hours ( priapism ) , sudden changes in or loss of vision , or sudden changes in or loss of hearing .

If you are on any other type of medication , you should check with your Doctor just to make sure that those medications are compatible with Kamagra Oral Jelly .  There are also certain types of cancers and other ailments that are not compatible with this drug such as leukaemia, lung cancer, melanomas , and Cirrhosis just to name a few .

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Kamagra oral jelly: The way to a happier sex life for you and her

Kamagra Oral Jelly is an effective medication used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction for men. It’s sold as a gel, in packets, and comes in several flavors, such as pineapple, mint, and lemon. It contains either 50mg or 100mg doses of sildenafil, the same active ingredient as Viagra, but because of its delivery in gel form, Kamagra Jelly can begin to show its effects somewhat more quickly, causing most men to get a strong erection in only 15 minutes. It is taken once per day, or less often as needed. While most men use take it to treat problems with weak erections when they’re unable to have satisfying sex, many will take it as a sexual enhancement, leading to more enjoyable sex. These users usually take a low dose for this, lower than is usually recommended, as it’s not treating an actual problem.

Kamagra and Viagra: effects are similar

Because they’re both sildenafil, both Kamagra Jelly and Viagra carry many of the same risks and side effects, such as headaches, flushing of the face, and oddities with vision and hearing. These sound severe, but they’re rare, and even when they do occur, they’re usually very mild: many men just report seeing an occasional and unobtrusive “blue spark” when taking the drug. Also, you should avoid alcohol when using Kamagra, because it can lead to lower blood pressure and an increased chance of side effects.

Fast working substance

So Kamagra may begin to work slightly more quickly than Viagra, but both have roughly the same duration of 4 hours of hardened erections, just as long as you’re sexually stimulated. The drug works by inhibiting an enzyme in the body, increasing blood flow to the penis, allowing to quickly increase the size and strength of your erections.

Kamagra jelly without prescription in Australia

Kamagra Jelly is usually bought from various online pharmacies without a prescription, although this may be illegal in some jurisdictions. Because many men want to avoid discussing impotence with their doctors, they seek out a place to buy the drug discreetly. While many online pharmacies do sell genuine Kamagra, it can be a risk: the FDA in the United States recommends against buying it because its main ingredient, sildenafil, requires a prescription and a doctor visit to ensure there’s no risks to the user, or potentially dangerous interactions with other drugs, but also because there’s no reputable dealer for Kamagra; it’s often sold by many fly-by-night website pharmacies that come and go, and there’s no way to tell which are selling genuine Kamagra.

Kamagra Jelly is manufactured by an India-based company, Ajanta Pharma, which is a reputable drug company who makes medications in many forms. It operates in over 30 countries, and it originally created the jelly vehicle of sildenafil, which led to them creating the product Kamagra.

Compared to Cialis, Kamagra may not have the same long-lasting effects, as Cialis works for up to 36 hours compared to Kamagra’s 4, but for many men, 4 hours is plenty, and some simply prefer to use Kamagra because of its pleasant flavored jelly vehicle, opting for this instead of taking a pill every day. Others prefer to simplicity of a once a day pill. 

Regardless, whether using Kamagra, be sure to take it as indicated, because overdose can occur, and can lead to a fatal heart attack in rare cases.

Aging men are more likely to require a drug treatment for impotence, as the loss of testosterone is associated with weaker erections. But Kamagra is also used by many young men either for enhancement or to treat impotence, as many diseases affecting men of all ages are associated with weak erections, such as diabetes and obesity. Stress is also one of the most common causes. Kamagra is often used to successfully overcome this challenge by instilling more confidence in its users’ ability to have sex and please their partners.

Myths about Kamagra

There are some confusions as to whether Kamagra can actually make your penis bigger, and the answer would be yes — temporarily, of course. Bigger, stronger erections obviously amount to a larger penis, but the effects aren’t permanent. Better quality and more enjoyment of sex is often reported by its users though. As for sexual stamina, neither Kamagra nor Viagra will allow a man to last longer during sex, as it only creates a harder erection, which can lead to increased sensitivity, and less sexual stamina.


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