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Buy Generic Aciclovir (Aciclovir)

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In today’s drug market, there are many antiviral medications out there. But one of the best, and the most common, is Aciclovir. This medication has been used for years to treat a variety of illnesses, and is sold under multiple other names, including Zovirax; Zovirax Wellstat Pac; Zovirax Zostab Pax; Avirax; Virovir; and Alti-Acyclovir.
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Product Description

Common use
The most common uses of Aciclovir are for HSV and VZV infections, including: genital herpes, both treatment and prevention; cold sores; ocular herpes; shingle; and severe chickenpox. Additionally, doctors have found Aciclovir to be valuable as a tool to delay the progress of HIV-1 in some cases and to prevent herpes and other viruses in people undergoing cancer treatments.

Resistance to Aciclovir is relatively uncommon, except for people who are taking some form of chronic antivirus medication, making it easy for doctors to use as a go-to drug for many conditions. However, it is important to make sure doctors are aware of all of your symptoms and health issues before being prescribed to Aciclovir or other medication, especially in you are pregnant or breast feeding; have been diagnosed with problems with your kidneys; are over the age of 65; have any allergies to medication; or are taking any other medication at the same time. Additionally, those taking a form of Aciclovir should take some precautions. Most importantly, the drug is not water-soluble, which means patients must watch their water intake and be careful not to get dehydrated. It should also be remembered that as will any virus treatment, failing to take your medication regularly, or not finishing all the medicine you’ve been prescribed, could result in the infection remaining or returning later; meanwhile, taking more than the recommended dose could lead to serious side effects, as could taking another medication at the same time which is not recommended.

As with any medicine, you do also have a risk of side effects, such as feeling sick, have a stomach ache, developing an itch or rash, tiredness, diarrhea, and a headache. While these side effects are rarely severe, if you experience them while on Aciclovir or Zovirax then notify your doctor so that necessary treatment can be found.

Despite the drug’s limitations and minor risk, Aciclovir remains a powerful and effective treatment for a variety of illnesses. Once you have a clear knowledge of potential negative and positive outcomes of the drug, you can pursue whether or not Aciclovir is also the right drug for you.

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