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Buy Generic Cialis Soft (Tadalafil)

Buy Cialis Soft online

Cialis soft is a special formulation of the drug Tadalafil, that is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Cialis soft, which is prepared in the form of a gel-like structure that makes it possible for a faster and easier absorption of tadalafil into the blood, may achieve its effects in a shorter amount of time than conventional Cialis.
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Product Description

What is Generic Cialis soft tab

The Cialis soft preparation contains the same drug tadalafil, but its absorption is accelerated when compared to the traditional Cialis pills. Cialis soft belongs to the category of medications entitled phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, or simply PDE5 inhibitors. These drugs, which also include vardenafil and sildenafil, work by dilating the blood vessels in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which initiates an erection needed for a normal sexual intercourse.

How its working

During sexual stimulation, the nerves in the penis produce and release NO, also known as nitric oxide, which signals to an enzyme to start producing more cGMP. This active compound directly makes blood vessels dilate, which permits the entry of high amounts of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis and thus causes an erection. However, the PDE5 enzyme terminates the action of cGMP, which may be a factor that may influence erectile dysfunction in certain susceptible men. Cialis soft, with its quick-absorption formulation of tadalafil, inhibits the PDE5 enzyme, and thus greatly prolongs the effects of active cGMP and helps maintain a potent erection. 

36 hours of action

The speed of absorption of a drug directly influences the start of its action at its target tissues. This is the concept behind the special Cialis soft preparation, which aims to deliver tadalafil as quickly as possible into the bloodstream for a faster onset of action. Unlike other PDE5 inhibitors such as vardenafil or sildenafil, tadalafil that is contained in Cialis soft has a more prolonged duration of action, which may be up to 36 hours. This is why it is sometimes called “the weekend pill”, because it provides a long duration of action to help maintain a strong erection. Tadalafil is sometimes also prescribed for pulmonary hypertension due to its potent dilator effects on blood vessels. Like most other drugs, tadalafil may have certain side effects, which may accompany Cialis soft treatment. They may include headaches, hot flashes, digestive problems or muscle pain, but are usually temporary and resolve upon termination of the treatment. Cialis soft should be taken only when needed rather than on a regular basis, which makes significant side effects less likely to occur. However, before taking Cialis soft it is wise to undergo a medical checkup or discuss this alternative with your doctor who will make sure that Cialis soft does not interfere with other drugs you may be taking for another health condition.

Cialis soft tabs

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