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Buy Generic Famvir (Famciclovir)

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Famvir (Famciclovir) is the antiviral drug used in treatment of herpes infections, which are quite frequent in humans, and most often occur in winter, and cold periods. Famciclovir is a synthetic analogue of guanosine. The enormous importance of the family of nucleosides in modern medicine is not only in many physiological roles, but in the application of synthetic analogs of endogenous nucleoside in the chemotherapy of malignant diseases, parasitic and viral diseases.
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Product Description

Information for patients 

Many compounds which are synthesized or isolate as natural products of plants, are the analogues of nucleosides or nucleobases. These substances are relatively specific inhibitors of the enzyme involved in the synthesis of nucleotides and their interconversion. For its replication, the virus use biosynthetic mechanisms of host cells, which is a target of antiviral therapy, whose task is selective inhibition of events involved in the replication of the virus.
One of the main effects is the possibility of entering the host cell, and then, subject to phosphorylation in the cell and passes into the active form. Famvir works against herpes simplex 1 and 2, variccela zoster virus, hepatitis b virus, EBV (Epstain Barr virus). It works by preventing the spread of infection throughout the body, and does not harm the body's own cells. First infection should be treated 3 times a day for 10 days. Recurrent are treated with twice a day for 5 days. It is used orally in pill form, always with plenty of fluids. When the drug is not taken, should be taken at the time when the following doses is provided, and not taking it in double doses.

Famvir for genital herpes and cold sores
Indications for taking this drug are recurrent herpes and herpes zoster. Famvir have good absorption, and can be dosed less frequently, then other viral drugs. Famvir passed through the liver, and excreted by kidneys. Since the herpes virus retained in the body for life, hidden in the spinal ganglion in a latent state, this medication is used to prevent recurrence, which are quite common and appeared at a low immune system. Also used in the treatment of disease. During therapy, the lesions must be kept clean and dry, and the treatment should begin as soon as possible, as soon as the first symptoms occur.

Side effects

Side effects are rare and there is small number of side effects. It can be: headache, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, itching, rash. Famvir can be used during the pregnancy, but with mandatory and detailed consultation with doctor. Consultation with a physician is required if patient use some other drugs, because there is a possibility of interaction with some drugs.

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