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Buy Generic Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)

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Nolvadex or Generic Tamoxifen is a prescription drug that was developed to treat breast cancer. First used in England in 1971 and in the United States in 1977, it is still the most widely used and perhaps most effective drug in its class. Several drugs (like raloxifene and anastozole) have been tested and patented since the discovery of tamoxifen. Some of the drugs have initially shown to be as competent as tamoxifen in treating breast cancer, but with more side effects, higher recurrence rates, or no significant evidence of being more beneficial. So, decades later, Nolvadex remains the most common and most trusted drug in its class.
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Product Description

Over the years, researchers have discovered that tamoxifen has beneficial uses aside from treating breast cancer. It is often used to prevent premature puberty, infertility, and as a preventative measure against breast cancer. The various conditions benefitted by tamoxifen will be discussed later in this article. However, to get a clear understanding of how tamoxifen can be effective for such a variety of conditions, you will first need to understand how the drug works and interacts with the human body.

How its works

Estrogen is the primary sex hormone in females. Presence of estrogen is responsible for menstruation and reproduction. Estrogen is present in both men and women, but typically drastically different levels. Estrogen abundance is what causes the breasts to grow and gives women a curvier shape than men. Although estrogen is an essential hormone to humans, some types of breast cancer require estrogen to thrive. Tamoxifen is an antagonist to estrogen, which means it blocks the hormone from increased activity. By blocking estrogen from its receptors, tamoxifen prevents or slows cancerous cells from growing.

Nolvadex premature puberty 
In cases of premature puberty in young girls, tamoxifen is administered to hault rapid production of estrogen. This condition is known as MAS, or McCune-Albright syndrome. In women who are infertile because of irregular periods due to abnormal production of estrogen, tamoxifen has proven to be beneficial in regulating the menstrual cycle and improve chances of conceiving.

Noladex against breast cancer

Recently, scientists have discovered that tamoxifen may also aid in preventing breast cancer in women who are considered high risk for breast cancer due to genetics & family history of breast cancer. Although much is still unknown, studies suggest that tamoxifen binds certain receptors that may eventually grow to be cancerous. In laboratory trials of tamoxifen administration to women at high-risk for future breast cancer, the results have shown that the drug decreases chances of breast cancer development by as much as 40%. Currently, tamoxifen is only approved for this use in the United States. Countries such as Britain are currently conducting trial studies of tamoxifen as a cancer preventative and expected to be approved for national use in the upcoming years.

Nolvadex is being used for PCT (Post cycle therapy).

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