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Buy Generic Viagra Super Active (Sildenafil Citrate)

Buy Viagra Super Active online

Viagra Super Active, mostly known as Sildenafil, is the first effective drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil originally was devised as a drug for the treatment of high blood pressure. When it appeared on the market, it aroused great interest, because at that time there was no adequate remedy for a solution of this problem. Today, this pill is used by over one million men worldwide. According to some data, women can use it too, allegedly to increase sexual pleasure, but this is not scientifically proven.
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Product Description

Little blue pill, solution to the great problem

Previously, people were rarely talking about this problem, although we live in a time full of stress, efforts, and the problems, which all affect sexual ability of the men. This pill became so popular, that collapsed many taboos, people are much more open to talk about sexuality, and many of them are consulting with their doctor, when they have problem with potency. This drug leads to blood vessels vasodilation of the cavernous body in the male sex organ. It increases blood flow to it, and erection will appeared. This imitates the normal natural erection process, as in healthy men. Important thing is that man must be sexually excited, that the drug can act. This drug is disintegrate in the liver, and excreted in the faeces or urine.

Side effects of Viagra
Like all medicines, Viagra Super Active has side effects like headache, facial flushing and stomach problems, rarely, it appears blurred vision, disorder of recognition of colors, sensitivity to light. If an erection lasts for several hours, it is necessary to seek medical attention, because its effect can lead to strong lowering blood pressure, and death, especially when they are combined with nitrates, used for heart disease. Because of this, it is absolutely necessary to take precautions which involve consultation with a physician, avoid combining this drug with nitrates, caution in various diseases and older men, and also start with the lowest dose (also you can cut pill at half).

The little blue pill is probably most popular drug in the world, and so small, solves large problems for many men. In the era of modern medicine it keeps its place in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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